Still only the Beginning

As my summer as a Georgia O’Keeffe intern comes to its end I look at our last group for the summer. I used to be one of these girls and they amaze me everyday with their talent and wisdom! Last week we had our last returnee session of the summer and I got to see how these girls have grown up through their past years in the program and in our four days together. One of my favorite parts of the end of a session with the older girls is being able to give them a chance at the opportunity that I was lucky enough to receive; the opportunity of becoming an intern. I’ve talked to many of the girls in their third year in this program and they never want to stop coming here every summer and to be able to tell them that the program they love so much doesn’t have to end is one of my favorite parts of the whole summer. I am beyond thankful that I was able to go from a girl in the program to an intern and I love that I can help the next generation of girls achieve even the smallest of their goals in this program. Each and everyday a different girl in the program amazes me; from their creative ways of decorating their sketch books to the amazing poems I get to read about some of my favorite paintings. Last week we saw the girls really thrive in an art project about street art that most of the girls were really excited about. This week we get to make small scale street art projects with the girls about empowerment and beauty! This may be the end of our summer but it is only the beginning of our journey with the kids in the programs, with art, and with ourselves.

-Ia Torres-O’Neal


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