First week of Arts & Leadership internship

The first week of our Arts & Leadership internship at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum was an amazing introduction to New Mexico, Ms. O’Keeffe, and the departments and great team members at the museum. There are six interns in the A&L internship program for girls; four college students/graduates from various states around the country, and two high school students who were girls in the program when they were younger.


The A&L program is an art summer camp for middle school girls and boys (separate programs for the different genders) and focuses on teaching the young kids art concepts and techniques, positive communication, leadership skills, and reinforces self-respect and confidence. Our first week was spent getting acquainted with the other interns and the types of projects and games we’d be doing with the girls. We spent time in the classroom space as well as the museum and also had the opportunity of touring Georgia’s house in Abiquiu and places she painted at Ghost Ranch.

After our tours we spent a night at Ghost Ranch which is something we’ll do three more times with new groups of girls. The beauty of these spaces is amazing and I have since been given the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Georgia O’Keeffe’s garden at her house in Abiquiu. Last week when I went I collected some fallen mulberries and wilted hollyhock flowers to use for making dyes.

-Liz Lewis, Arts & Leadership Intern