New Library Aquisitions

One of my favorite parts of Librarianship is Collection Development. Shopping for new books is exciting for two reasons : shopping & sharing. As we continue to add new titles to the library, I hope to share with our users the new ideas that are being generated in Art History, Museum Studies, and Modernism. These are just a few of the areas in which we collect new titles for — but they are some of my favorite! The other part of Collection Development is spreading the word about our ever changing Collections through Outreach.

Here is just one flyer that I created about some of our new Library Acquisitions!




Another way we are showcasing our collections is to bring some of the materials outside of the library. Starting this month, we are hoping to highlight a periodical or magazine that we subscribe to by relocating some of them to the Volunteer lounge. This way, we hope that Volunteers can have some additional reading materials while in the lounge, and we get to show off what we have to offer!



Stay tuned for next months New Acquisition Highlight and Journal of the Month!


Mackenzie Salisbury, Librarian