Spring Fever

It’s about March when I begin to come out of hibernation and dream of breaking up the monotony of daily life and travel. Living in the high desert, the dry spring winds create a yearning for large bodies of water – especially water and shoreline that evokes a sense of renewal and passage of the winter season. It was in March of 1920 when Georgia O’Keeffe took her first of several trips to the coast of Maine. A break from the New York winter, the coast offers a chance for O’Keeffe to return to nature. Her trips to the shore result in pastels, watercolors, and oil paintings of shells, seaweed, seascapes, and waves.

In the spring of 1920 I went to York Beach, Maine… I spent much time walking on the long, clean sandy beach —often picking up extraordinary things I kept in large platters of water to paint… I loved running down the board walk to the ocean —watching the waves come in, spreading over the hard wet beach — 1

 … The sun is shining brightly – very warm but the wind seems cool – a great mist rising from the sand – So I lay on the steps in the sun like a dog – face down – just listening and being hot… Today is harder to put down in color than the other days – I’ve been thinking of it – I’m going to try to put down something every day for you – 2

… I’ve had the most wonderful afternoon – The sort of sea that Homer tried to paint – but that just can’t be done – It’s the first real thrill I’ve had that compares favorably with Texas – I just almost died – it was so wonderful… For three hours watching the tide coming in with these tremendous waves rolling over rocks that make New York seem like an idiot’s toy – the sky mostly blue – and such masses of froth and foam rushing and rolling and booming till everything seemed to shake – 3

Liz Ehrnst, Archives and Digital Collections Librarian

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