Hey everybody! I’m helping the Santa Fe Children’s Museum with a collaborative program celebrating their 30th anniversary, which also happens to be Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday. (November 15th, put it on your calendar. Do it!)

Guess what our theme is… Corn!

I moved here from the Midwest; I thought I’d be getting away from corn.


So, Georgia, Santa Fe Children’s Museum, I have an early birthday present for you:

A Corn Haiku

Your husk, brown and dry

And colorful kernels too,

Made of bubble-wrap. 

I also made you both a corn, but you’ll have to share (sorry, that’s the rules). I made it out of bubble-wrap and a brown paper bag!

Yeah, sorry, paper bag, I was going to mention you in the haiku, but you’re so many syllables. So many!


Oh, brown paper bag,

Way too many syllables

To fit in Haiku’s.

Thank you all for reading!

Next week we’ll talk of pre-school

Won’t that be fun, eh?

-Drew Lauderdale is an Education Intern at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum by day, but by night he wears a cape and fights crime! (By “Fight Crime” he mostly means “Recycles”, because It’s important.)