Getting to know Tim Hone, Research Center Intern : an Interview

Tim Hone describes himself as a “Multi-media journalist & interdisciplinary thinker”. After completing his Bachelor’s Dress in Culture and Communications from Ithaca College, Tim spent a year at the University of Havana within the Demography and Population Studies, presenting a research paper on Diabetes in Cuba from 2013-2014. After returning to the states, he began his pursuit of a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts at St. Johns College here in Santa Fe, NM. Tim enjoys writing, Cuban cuisine, multimedia journalism, and radio.

I thought a short – informal interview might be a great way to have our viewers get to know the newest addition to the RC team!




What made you apply for the RC Internship?:

Before moving to Santa Fe from New Jersey this past August, I visited in the spring of 2013. During that trip I found myself talking a lot with my friends about color. “What color is that rock?” “Look at that odd red streak across the sky,” “Wow that’s a deep blue,” that kind of thing. We tried really hard to talk about what we were seeing but we didn’t really have the words. But then one day I wandered into the O’Keeffe Museum and saw the hills; the way O’Keeffe used color was a revelation to me. I thought; that’s the color! And I immediately wanted to be involved with her life in any way I could.

What are some of your goals for this Internship?:

I kind of fantasize about stopping by the museum and seeing something in a pamphlet related to my research or hearing a docent mention something that I dug up in a letter. It’s sort of a dull fantasy (I would be the only one who knew—I found that thing—there wouldn’t be too much glory) but it would make me happy.

What are some of your favorite experiences/discoveries so far?:

Reading Georgia O’Keefe’s writing. My project here involves researching her correspondences in her young life; the fact that I am reading through vivid descriptions of the huge Texas Plains and sharp insightful reports on the people she is living with makes my job really fun.

If you could ask Georgia O’Keeffe one question, what would it be?:

Great question, Mackenzie.

I’d ask her about Lake George. It’s so pretty there in a totally different way than it’s pretty here; I think if we could figure out why Texas worked for her and New Mexico worked for her and why Lake George sort of—missed the mark—in some ways—we would learn a lot about the beautiful way she saw the world.


Join us in Welcoming Tim Hone to the Research Center family!



Mackenzie Salisbury, Librarian