Wait. There’s a CHURRO in this ice cream sandwich??

So! This past Sunday, September 28, was our Dia de la Familia! Oh wait, wait…let me back up a couple of days…

Friday was the opening of the Covarrubias show, “Miguel Covarrubias: Drawing a Cosmopolitan Line.” That morning, Carolyn Kastner, our Curator, led a walk-through for the docents. Saturday, Kristaan Villela, a Scholar in Residence and Art History Professor at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design gave a lecture on the life and work of Covarrubias. It was a lot of information, but it was a great talk nonetheless…no matter how many squeaky chairs around the room kept grabbing for my attention. Adriana Williams, the main biographer for Covarrubias, was there along with Covarrubias’s niece. My name being Adriana as well, I’m pretty sure I giggled a bit every time William’s name was mentioned.

After the lecture was a really nice reception in the museum. The courtyard was filled with people and tables, colorful flags and paper-flowers were hung everywhere, and fried..jalapeno…cheesy things were floating around. Inside the museum, people and more tables filled the first gallery and beverages were available in the video room.

Picture this. Exactly this.

Jay gats

Okay…there weren’t any fireworks or flappers, but it was a really nice event. I was so happy to see the galleries filled with visitors!

So Sunday! Well. I was armed with a coffee and…kind of ready to roll. …as in roll the stage over to the museum! After we had everything set up, music was playing, the popsicle/ ice cream (to be discussed soon) guy was in place, and after I’d eaten a good number of cookies off the refreshment table, we were ready to get artsy!

At first, it was a bit slow and our docent volunteers began to try out the projects I’d designed, but soon after the families kept coming and coming! Although I can’t post any of the pictures I took of the kids, imagine a bunch of cute kids coloring masks and running around with shadow puppets. For the rest of the event, I don’t think we had a free table. Except when it rained and I ducked under an umbrella, dragging the stage with me (I was DETERMINED to keep my straight hair for at least another week…).


Overall, the day was a success. Kids were making up great (meaning crazy) stories behind the stage and several families stayed in the courtyard, creating work for a long time. Carolyn Kastner and Cody Hartley, our Director of Curatorial Affairs, popped in to see what was going on as well.

photo 1  Here’s the finished product for the stage!

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the popsicles and ice cream… An angel, by the name of Lorenzo, was sent to us, with gifts of pure, delicious sugar. He had mango popsicles, mango-chile popsicles, hibiscus raspberry, watermelon, strawberry and a couple of other flavors. He also had…wait for it…CHURRO CHOCO-TACOS. I said, CHURRO. CHOCO. TACOS. Picture vanilla ice cream mixed with bits of cinnamony-churro goodness, wrapped in a taco shaped waffle cone, topped with chocolate. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will. Lorenzo and his brother run the shop, Pop Fizz, in Albuquerque. So yeah. You need to check that out. REWARD YOURSELF!!

My supervisor, Sarah enjoying her gift from above.

photo 2

photo 1

Adriana Burkins, Education Intern