Can You Nail Foam Core??

Between a drawing workshop using animal skulls and flowers as subjects (very O’Keeffe, huh), a docent exhibition to hang and a stage to build, the past couple of days have certainly been interesting!

We already had some great activities planned for this Sunday’s Dia de la Familia. I had figured out how the projects were going to go, but one of the activities requires a stage. I’d drawn it up a few weeks ago, and as is my fashion, I got pretty ambitious with the design. I’d put it off for long enough…it was haunting my dreams, keeping me awake! Okay, not really, but this thing NEEDED to get done. I had no idea how long it would take. So this past Thursday I browsed around our huge supply closet and came across different sizes of foam core. After some futile attempts to construct a plan, it wasn’t too long until I wanted to kick myself.


Anyway, I took the miscellaneous pieces back to my office to show my supervisor. And then it hit me…can you nail foam core?? Probably a silly question, but hey, it was a random and good idea! So I posed the idea to my supervisor and after a good laugh, I scurried off to the closet for nails and a hammer. When I returned, we got on the floor and got to work, hammering and laughing (what we do best, ask our neighbors). After a couple of minutes…we did it. We had a standalone stage! It looks a tad like a lemonade stand…but for our purposes, it’s a stage! After that, I took it outside to cover it in black, yellow and magenta paint. I then began working on the flowers that would decorate the main parts. I still have some more things to add, but I think it’ll be great for Sunday!

…As long as those nails hold up…

But no worries! I’ll post a picture of the final product! Maybe I post an in-progress photo?…Nah.

In addition to working as an Education Intern, I also work in the museum’s gift store on Sundays. During my shift, I’d found three packs of sugar in my bag (there was NONE upstairs in the break room…no sugar=no coffee) and was excitedly hurrying up the stairs when I ran (not literally of course!) into our Curator, Carolyn Kastner. I asked how things were going with the preparation for the Miguel Covarrubias* show and she asked if I wanted to see the progress.

funny-gif17 (My expression.)

Of course I said yes, and while failing to conceal my extreme excitement (I probably didn’t need the extra caffeine right afterwards), I followed her to the see the transformations that were taking place in the galleries. The work hadn’t been hung yet, but it already looked great. We have so much work! I’m anxious to see the final result this weekend! As I’ve often said to others, out of the numerous Art History courses that I took in college, I’d never heard of Covarrubias. Needless to say, I’ve really enjoyed learning about him and becoming familiar with his work.

Here are two of my favorite pieces from Miguel Covarrubias:

Female Dancer, Bali, 1930-1957
Watercolor on paper

photo (3)
Tlingit carved pelvis bone, 1954
Watercolor on paper

MC (Let the catcalls begin ladies…)

*Miguel Covarrubias was a Mexican Modern artist whose works feature drawings, caricatures, watercolor paintings and beautiful maps of Bali. “Miguel Covarrubias: Drawing a Cosmopolitan Line” opens this Friday, September 27. Dia de la Familia is the following day, September 28.

Adriana Burkins, Education Intern