Selections from the Ghost Ranch Library: A Special Gift

In 2008 Stephen Porter, son of Aline and Eliot Porter, gifted The Voices of Silence to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Mr. Porter included this wonderful story with his gift:

“My parents, Eliot and Aline Porter, were very good friends of Georgia O’Keeffe. My mother told me a story about her that I’ve always remembered: Georgia liked to read in bed, but the book she was reading was too heavy to hold up so she took a bread knife and cut it in half. The book, The Voices of Silence by Andre Malraux, is that book.”

Georgia O’Keeffe’s book stamp, annotations, ephemera and page markers were found throughout this book, which is typical of the materials from the Ghost Ranch Library and the Abiquiu Bookroom.

Do you have a story about meeting Georgia O’Keeffe? We’d love to hear it!

Find out more about the Oral History Project.

Tori Duggan, Research Center Services Assistant

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